PayCops – A FiveM Mod



Crime does pay! At a set time frame, between a set amount.

PayCops is a modification for a FiveM server with the CopsFiveM mod already installed. It enables your cops to be paid a set amount at a set frequency.

It can also be viewed over on GitHub.




  1. Install requirements
  2. Download the zip from here.
  3. Unzip into the “resources” folder on your server and rename to “PayCops“.
  4. Add - PayCops to citmp-server.yml in your server root.
  5. Set the MySQL settings at the top of server.lua
  6. Restart server

Customization & Defaults

There are a few settings that can be changed to alter the pay system. Settings are at the top of both client.lua and server.lua.

server.lua Settings

  • MySQL Database settings – Self explanatory.
  • minSalary = int – The lowest possible paycheck. (Default is 450)
  • maxSalary = int – The maximum possible paycheck. (Default is 2500)

Salary will be a random number between minSalary and maxSalary amounts.

client.lua Settings

  • paytime = int – The amount of time (in minutes) between each paycheck. (Default is 10)