RetroGeeky / OPL Theme


RetroGeeky is a theme for Open PS2 Loader/OPL.
For more information about OPL, check out the official forum.

This theme is a basic, minimal black and green retro computer terminal style theme, including font.


RetroGeeky OPL Theme (41 downloads)
v2.5 Release Notes:
  • Game cover art (front and background) is HIGHLY recommended as it is a main feature of the theme.
  • CD art is no longer supported.
  • Widescreen is recommended.
  • Now supports “APP” page.
  • Added background effects (pixelated)
  • Changed button legends
  • Changed position of cover art slightly
  • Completed remade navigation indicator (USB, HDD etc…)

You can also view the official PS2 Home forum thread for the theme by clicking here.